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Techniques and locations As soon as this lockdown is over and life starts returning to normal, I’ll be doing a lot more sharing of how

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Neowise Pepperbox-20200717-2265


Not to be confused with Pennywise, this creation does not live in drains. Comet Neowise taken at Pepperbox Hill on the way to Salisbury.

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Andrew's Mare-20200719-2384

Andrews Mare Pond

I love this pond. It’s a reasonable size, even with the lack of rain recently, and it’s never packed with people when I go there.

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Hatchet Pond Sunset-20200705-2139

Hatchet Pond

This night was the first one where I had ventured near where other people may be, and I was painfully aware of distancing from people.

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4 people and a dog (don’t think it was the Famous Five!) stood by Janesmoor Pond one night after sunset. Made for a great silhouette

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